Viewpoints in Cessens le Sapenay

Cessens is home of amazing viewpoints over the surrounding area, lake, countryside and mountains. 

Vue panoramique depuis les Cornales

Panoramic view over the Lac du Bourget. Picture by Mado Petit.

Main viewpoints

Driving up road D54 to Col du Sapenay (Sapenay Pass), you will pass by some of the nicest viewpoints of the village. These amazing views are truly worth a stop, so don’t hesitate to park on the parking lots along the road and go for a little walk.

Belvédère de l’Albanais (Albanais viewpoint)

The belvédère de l’Albanais is located just a few minutes walk above the Chapel. A sharp but short little trail leads to a viewpoint indicator with instructive information about how surrounding mountains have been created.

View over: Albanais area, Bauges mountains, the Aravis Mont-Blanc and Belledonnes mountain ranges. When wheather is clear, you should even see the Mont-Blanc mountain itself.

Belvédère de la Montagne de Cessens (Cessens mountain viewpoint)

Climbing up the steep trail leading to the Cessens mountain viewpoint, with its short but tricky cliff crossing, can be quite a challenge! But the breathtaking view you will find up there is totally worth the effort. The Cessens mountain overlooks the Cessens Castles and the Sapenay road.

View over: Lac du Bourget, the Chartreuse area, the Belledonnes mountain range, the Dent du Chat mountain, the premices of the Jura mountain range, the Bauges mountain range, part of the Albanais area and the Rhone River.

Tours de César (Cessens Castles)

A view point indicator is available at the Cessens Castles.

View over: the Cessens mountain, the Lac du Bourget and the Chautagne area.

Col du Sapenay southern paragliding launch site

This site does not only offer an amazing view, it also provides a relaxing feeling thanks to its quietness. As it is not secured, you need to pay attention while getting closer to the cliff – do not leave children unattended. Provided you are not afraid of heights, you can sit on the edge of the cliff and take the time to contemplate the panoramic view, while waving paragliders, who will surely fly over you.

View over: the Lac du Bourget, the Dent du Chat mountain, the Chautagne area and the Rhone River.


Just before reaching the Sapenay area (coming from Cessens village), in one of the road sharp turns, you can breifly stop on the trail and walk a few meters to discover a nice view.

View over: the Cessens meadows and mountain, the Lac du Bourget, the Dent du Chat mountain and the Belledonnes mountain range (when weather is clear).

Belvédère du Sapenay (Sapenay viewpoint cottage)

The Belvédère du Col du Sapenay offers nice view, as well as refreshments in the summer time. It is located right next to the hang gliding launch site.

View over: the Lac du Bourget, the Chautagne area, the Rhone River, the Grand Colombier mountain.

By wandering through the small road and trails of the village, you will discover hidden viewpoints, which also offers nice views. Stroll, discover and enjoy!

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