Notre Dame de la Salette Chapel

Notre Dame de la Salette Chapel

This small chapel along the Sapenay road is dedicated to Notre Dame de la Salette (Our Lady of la Salette) and overlooks the village of Cessens.

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The Chapel site

The chapel is located in a shady field and the area is particularly suited for picnics and family time. Rocks provide a fun playground for kids, who can pretend to be knights riding on their rocky horses, while adults can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and a nice view over Cessens and the Bauges mountains.

Information about the surrounding mountains, as well as about soil development in the area, can be found at the viewpoint located just above the chapel. A small path will take you there in just a couple of minutes – yellow signs mark the beginning of this trail, located on the right handside of the Chapel (when facing the entrance).

The chapel in history

The building was built at the foothill of the Cessens Castles in the 15th century. It first served as chapel for the castel and later became the village’s church.

In 1749, as the chapel had become too small – the population had been growing – and was considered as being too far away from the village, it was decided that a new church should be built in the center of Cessens. The chapel was abandonned and deteriorated quickly, to such an extend that, when the city council planned to renovate it in 1879, it turned out to be impossible. Therefore a new chapel was built using stones from the former one. These old stones can be seen on the corners of the building and around the entrance.

The statues of the  Immaculate Virgin (cast iron) and of Our Lady of la Salette aslo date from this period (1880).

Comment: a Mass is still celebrated yearly outside of the Chapel. More information is available at the townhall.

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