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According to different studies – including one published by the Kronos Organization of Albens – the origins of Cessens  most likely date back from the Roman period (4th century) and the village may have been named after a Roman magistrate called Caius Sexius. However, no remains of this period can be found in Cessens. Even the Allobroges, a celtic tribe from the Gallic era, have left no trace behind, although there were many of them in the area.

The most ancient monuments date from the Middle-Age period: the “Croix des mariages” (Wedding Cross) – to commemorate the Hautecombe monks, who had left Cessens to build their abbaye on the other side of the Lac du Bourget – and the two castles are medieval monuments.

The church and the chapel were built in the 17th and 18th centuries. They have been renovated sereral times throughout the years and are still in good condition.

There also are ruins of a wall from an old 18th century mansion “Chateau Barthelier”, who had been burnt down during World War II by the German army.

You can localize these monuments on the below map.

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