Belvedere du Sapenay

Chalet Belvedere du Sapenay (Sapenay Viewpoint Cottage)

From the Chalet Belvedere, enjoy a beautiful view over the Lac du Bourget, the  Abbaye de Hautecombe (Hautecombe Abbey) and the Chautagne area.

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The Chalet Belvedere du Sapenay welcomes you on its beautiful site in July and August. Get some refreshments on the terrace while enjoying the great view and watching paragliders and hang gliders flying over your head.

About the Chalet Belvedere du Sapenay

  • Amazing viewpoint over the Lac du Bourget, the Abbaye de Hautecombe, the Rhone River and the Chautagne area.
  • Must-see site for hikers and people who want to take great pictures.
  • Located in the heart of the Sapenay area, remarkable site in Savoie.
  • Right next to the hang gliding launch site. You can therefore take the opportunity to walk there and have a look at the gliders’ take-offs.
  • Only minutes away from the paragliding nothern launch site.

Useful information

  • The Belvedere du Sapenay is open every week-end in July and every day in August.
  • 2014 opening dates: July 5 – 6 – 12- 13 – 14 – 26 – 27 and every day between July 28 and September 7.
  • Two parking lots available, along the D54 road.
  • How to get there : 15 minutes away from Chindrieux and 30 minutes away from Aix-les-Bains. Road D54.
  • For more information (in French) please call +33 4 79 54 52 81 (summer time only).


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