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This is a short and easy hike through the forest and countryside, where you will be surrounded both by nature and heritage signs (a chapel, some castel ruins and the remainings of a roman road). Highlights of the tour include the view over the Lac du Bourget and the Chautagne area and the stop at “Tours de Cesar“.

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Description of the “Tours de Cesar” hike

  • Lowest point: 715 meters
  • Highest point: 860 meters
  • Itinerary (loop, round trip, one way): loop
  • Time required: 1:15 hours
  • Elevation gain: 145 meters

When leaving the church parking lot, look for and follow the « Boucle des Tours de Cesar » direction on the yellow signs.

The path will first lead you across the Cessens village and its surrounding meadows and then quickly climb up through the forest to a small chapel, via an ancient roman road.

A small path next to the chapel (right handside when facing the entrance) will lead you to a viewpoint over the Albanais area and the surrounding mountains, including the Bauges and the Mont-Blanc ranges (when weather is clear). A viewpoint indicator will help you locate the different points of interest. Roundtrip walk to the viewpoint is about 10 minutes.

Back at the chapel, you should walk up the road for about 100 meters, towards Col du Sapenay. Then take the small road on your left (towards «Chez Carabins») and immediately turn left into the path going to «Tours de Cesar».

Following this forest trail, you will get to the ruins of a castel from the 13th century. A sign relates part of the site history and displays the points of interest you can see from the “Tours de Cesar” (Lac du Bourget, Chautagne area, mountains).

From this signs, a narrow path will lead you back to the village across forest and meadows.

How to get there?

In Cessens, park on the church parking lot (behind the church – road to Col du Sapenay)
Map: IGN Top 25 – 3331 OT Rumilly/Seyssel

Best hiking periods

Best time: from April to October. Closed during winter time. The Cessens townhall does not recommend to for the Tour de Cesar hike when weather is wet.

Access information  is available at the townhall : +33 4 79 63 10 10.


  • Official marking is random but bright yellow marks will help you identify the trail easily.
  • Nice walk in the forest.
  • Nice view over the Bauges mountain range towards the end of the hike.


Description provided by the Cessens townhall and translated by SJ Scribe.

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