Hang gliding

Hang gliding

The Sapenay is a nice Free-Flight spot, miles away from the buzz of some other overcrowded flying sites.

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Pilots travel from far away to fly over Col du Sapenay and enjoy the amazing view over the Lac du Bourget, the Chautagne area, the Jura mountain range and the Alps. So don’t be surprised as you will surely meet our friendly neighbors from the Netherlands, Germany and other countries.

The Cessens hang gliding launch ramp is located right next to the Chalet-Belvedere du Sapenay. Two parking lots are available along road D54, where you can easily park (we strongly advise you not to leave anything valuable inside your car). Coming out of the parking lot, a small trail will take you to the launch site. Take some time to watch pilots carefully check their gliders, don’t hesitate to have a chat with them in order to share some of their passion or simply look at the colorful hang gliders soaring into the sky. It may very well convince you to give it a try after all. Well of course, you would have to run down the scary ramp. But the breathtaking feeling and view are definitely worth it.

If you are a pilot, you probably enjoy – or will enjoy – the Col du Sapenay. Below are some useful information about the launch site.

Key facts about the Sapenay hang gliding site

  • This site is safe, fully adapted for learning lessons and perfect for non-experienced pilots.
  • Nice cross possibilities, when weather is good.
  • The Chindrieux landing zone is one of the largest in Savoie.
  • Historical site: the Sapenay launching site has been the first one in Savoie.
  • Located right next to the Chalet Belvedere du Sapenay, where you can have refreshments in the summer time and enjoy a beautiful view.

Useful information

  • Site managed by Delta Club de Savoie – tandem flights available.
  • It is strictly prohibited to fly higher than 300m above the Sapenay moutain, as it is located in an air corridor.
  • Direction: SW, W
  • GPS coordinates: 45°48’39”N – 05°51’50”E
  • Landing zone: Chindrieux “Marais”

More info on the Fédération française de vol libre (FFLV) website.

Where to stay?

If you are coming to Cessens for a hang gliding vacation, you may stay at the Paquenot B&B.

Thank you to Christophe MERRAND from Delta Club de Savoie for providing us with useful information about the Sapenay take-off site.




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